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Update on Wall Entrance Project


You may have noticed we had our landscape company, Loyalty Lawn, trim down the bushes that have been hiding the sloping sides of the walls with “Emerald Gardens” at the Jade entrance, as shown in the photo above. The walls look much more impressive now that we can see the whole length plus we needed to ensure potential vendors have an accurate view of our walls.  In addition, a narrow walkway behind the bushes was cut to allow for work to be done on the remaining wall sections and to prevent clippings from falling onto the homeowners’ yards behind the wall.   A big improvement all around!


We had our first vendor meeting last week and are scheduled for a meeting with a second vendor later this week.  Caitlin has been very helpful in scheduling these appointments for us and is working on contacting a third vendor.


Our first meeting with Mr. Wall of Prestige Wall Systems was very productive (yes, that’s his real name!).  He has been in business since 2004 and primarily works on walls and entrance monuments for HOAs.  That was great to hear!  He would be able to oversee all facets of the project including connecting us with a designer and working with a signage company.  We are definitely looking for a vendor who can manage the entire project so we are not in the position of organizing and scheduling individual vendors.


If our next meetings are as successful as this first one, we’ll certainly have some quality vendors from which to choose the right one for the project.  We’ll keep you posted!

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