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Update #3 on Our Wall Entrance Project


We had a second, excellent meeting with a potential vendor.  Peter Tunberg, owner of FastSigns, came highly recommended by our committee member, Daniel G. and by Pinnacle.  FastSigns is sort of the flip side of Prestige Wall Systems in that they do the design work for both monument walls and signage but then work with a general contractor to do the on-site work including repairing the wall along Wilkinson Road.  Peter would be the project manager which is what we’re looking for so we are not trying to organize and schedule individual vendors.


Because FastSigns designs monument walls and signage, Peter was very helpful with information about materials, such as tile and stone, and with current trends.  For example, use of cursive script for an HOA’s name on monument walls is being fazed out.  With widespreasd use of computers and phones to communicate in writing, cursive is not used as much as in the past, especially with younger generations.  Additionally, Peter was very thorough in examining all parts of the walls on either side of Jade Avenue, including those hidden by bushes, and making suggestions that would improve some of the sections that have begun to deteriorate.


We are impressed that FastSigns’ designer has already been in contact with us to clarify potential design and material ideas.  Jane has been so helpful with her design knowledge to be our liaison with Stacy.  We look forward to seeing the potential drafts.


In the meantime, Caitlin is working on scheduling a 3rd vendor appointment so we will have several different companies to compare products and prices.  As with everything related to construction right now, it can be a challenge to get calls returned and dates scheduled.  We will keep you posted!

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