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                 Update #4 on Our Wall Entrance Project


We had a very informative meeting with a 3rd and final vendor last Friday afternoon.  Bill Eberhart from Gulf Coast Signs listened to our proposed project and made recommendations regarding different products to use on the monument walls that can be painted if, over time, the color fades.  He suggested removing the deteriorated wrought iron from the lower sections of the walls rather than replacing it with block in order to save money.  These sections are not visible because they are hidden behind the bushes so saving money sounded good to us.


As for signage, Bill indicated he would tap into the electric line from the current spotlights and build a “box” that would blend into the monument walls to light “Emerald Gardens.”  He recommends raised letters to create the illusion of backlighting.  Bill was very observant in remarking that sometimes sunshine can create shadows on raised letters and make the name difficult to read.  He suggested revisiting our entrance at various times of the day to judge how the sun might create shadows.  In general, he recommends “clean” lettering because ornate lettering can be difficult to read.


When discussing the walls along Wilkinson Road, Bill agreed that removing the green tile and re-stuccoing would be preferable to adding a new type of tile in its place.  Our committee member, Roger, recommended a stucco company that is currently doing excellent work on the walls at Laurel Oaks Country Club.  We will keep that company in mind.


Like our other vendors, Bill would serve as project manager and would engage the services of a general contractor to do the work on the walls.  Gulf Coast Signs is responsible for drafting potential designs for the monument walls and the signage, including the smaller versions at the Bliss entrance.


At this point, we are waiting for the vendors to create designs for us to consider and to give us an idea of cost for each part of our project. We are so fortunate to have volunteer committee members with expertise in design, construction, and project management to help guide us if we need to revise the designs or  scale down the project should some of the costs be prohibitive.


Remember, we are hoping to have at least 2 design ideas for the monument walls with signage to send out to you, our homeowners, to vote on your choice.  To participate, make sure Caitlin, our manager, has your email address.


As always…. we will keep you posted!

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