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                                   Update #5 on Our Wall Entrance Project


                                                                    We received a few designs for our monument walls from Stacy at FastSigns that                                                                            were roughly based on the samples we provided Peter when we met with him in                                                                            February.  The committee drafted comments and Jane relayed our revision                                                                                    requests to Stacy.  On the down side, Stacy will be gone for the better part of                                                                                  April, so we won’t be receiving the revised designs until she returns.  But on the                                                                            up side, she is eager to work with us to provide designs that will suit both the                                                                                 large Jade monument walls and the smaller versions at the Bliss entrance.  So                                                                              far, we’re very pleased with FastSigns.


As for Gulf Coast Signs, the design samples we received did not reflect the samples we provided or the information we conveyed when meeting with Bill last month.  The designs are a bit too generic and not as modern as we would like.  At this point, we are not suggesting revisions as we don’t seem to be on the same page.


Caitlin has been diligent in pursuing a quote from Chip of Prestige Wall Systems who we met in early February.  Unfortunately, she has not heard back after several attempts so we are putting this one on hold for now.  However, we did  find another stucco wall company that repairs, paints, etc. who we will contact for a possible appointment.


Last, we are gathering information about possibly removing and/or transplanting the 1 palm tree on each side of Jade that sits directly in front of the monument wall.  The tree blocks the view of our name and, from eye level, has the appearance of a big pole.  Removing the 1 palm from each side will open up the view from the street and give us more room to expand landscape around the front of the walls.  The other palms on the sides of the monument walls would remain.


We were not able to apply for the county grant mainly because our project is very complex with different vendors performing different tasks.  We would not meet the grant requirement of finding 3 vendors who do exactly the same things in order for every line item on the quotes to be the same task or material.  In addition, we were unable to meet the April 3rd deadline for submission.


It’s been a slow process so far but we continue to push the project along.  We’ll keep you posted!

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