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Update #7 on our Wall Entrance Project


It seems every time we take 1 step forward, we’re pushed 1 step back.  Since the last update, we received the proposal from FastSigns' general contractor to do the construction parts of the project.  However, after we scaled down a few things due to cost, the job was too small for the GC to take on.  On the plus side, due to FastSigns excellent relationship with the GC, Peter was given contact information for the GC’s subs who can help us with the construction part of the project.  Another plus is we won’t have to pay the GC’s fee which would’ve been 20% of the total cost of his proposal.


On the “1 step back side”, we’ve been stalled since early June due to Peter’s temporary leave to handle a family medical concern.  As soon as he can, he will be in touch so we can resume our plans.


The first thing we need to do is review the work needed on our Wilkinson walls to keep the cost within a reasonable portion of our budget.  Since our goal is to modernize the Jade and Bliss monument walls, we need to balance expenditures between our very long walls along Wilkinson and the 4 entrance monuments we want to update.  Peter has some ideas for Wilkinson walls we’re anxious to go over with him.


In addition to a new proposal for the work needed on the Wilkinson walls, Stacy of FastSigns will be sending us quotes for several designs for the monument walls.  Once the committee and the Board approve final proposals and we commit with FastSigns, the committee can meet to recommend any changes to Stacy’s designs.  After we’re satisfied with final designs, we can get them out to everyone for voting.  At least this is the current plan.   As we’re all aware, costs have risen significantly in all areas.  Fingers crossed everything will work out to be within our budget.

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