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Update #8 on our Wall Entrance Project


Good News!  We’ve finally achieved something concrete (or in this case, “wooden”) to show for all our efforts on our project!


There are 2 sections along our east Wilkinson wall that were built using wood fencing to accommodate 2 oak trees.  Over these many years, the fencing has been deteriorating and Hurricane Ian gave them a final punch.

So, when the general contractor dropped out of the project, we decided to take on this job to replace these damaged sections.


This month, we met with representatives from two fence companies with 5 star ratings who responded immediately for our requests for appointments.  We were impressed with both companies and excited they both carry a style of fence with a “top cap” which will blend so much better with the concrete walls on either side of these fence sections (see sample picture below).


After reviewing both proposals, the Board approved a contract with Robertson Fence.  We know they’ll do an excellent job because there is a testimonial on their website from one of our long time residents.  Now, that’s the kind of referral we want!


When our Wilkinson walls are painted as part of our big project, these fence sections will be painted to match.  In the meantime, even the wood look will be an improvement over the damaged sections we have now.


We want to thank both Tiffany L. and Steve L. for their full cooperation in giving us permission to come onto their properties to inspect and replace these sections which are part of their backyards.  When we all work together, good things happen!

Robertson Fence.png
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