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Update # 9 on our Wall Entrance Project


I see the light at the end of the tunnel — it’s dim but it’s there!


We’ve been on a long, challenging journey since we first started working on updating our wall and entrances last December.  We’ve weathered chasing vendors for appointments and estimates, revising designs, unexpected delays through no fault of ours, reviewing estimates and recovering from “sticker shock”, paring down the scope of work to be within budget, installing fencing, scheduling pressure washing and much, much more.


At this time, the Board is waiting for a revised, itemized proposal from FastSigns.  Once the proposal is received and approved, our committee will review our design choices and make any final recommendations for revision.


While we’re waiting for the final designs from Stacy at FastSigns, we’ll start notifying you via email to be on the alert for an email requesting your vote for the design of your choice.  When you receive the email with the 3 design choices, the turn-around will be short - only 4-5 days -  for you to reply to Caitlin with your selection.  We have much to do to get ready for the actual work to begin, so get your vote in right away.


Remember …. if you’d like to participate in voting for 1 of the 3 designs, make sure Caitlin has your email address.  You can email her using the link at the bottom of any page on our website if you would like to add your email to her list.


Our hope is to have repaired, painted walls along Wilkinson and updated entrances at Jade and Bliss for the holidays.  Wouldn’t that be a nice gift for all of us?  Fingers crossed !!

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