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There’s a GEM on Every Street !


We are so fortunate to have many homeowners who take pride in the appearance of their homes and properties.  Periodically, we showcase the exceptional ones and this time, there’s a GEM representing every street in Emerald Gardens. To make it interesting, we have 2 GEMS representing 1 street.


See if you can recognize the GEMS on your street.  Maybe they will inspire you with ideas for your property.  If you see the owners, tell them how great their homes look — everyone loves a compliment for a job well done.


There are more GEM properties than these selections

so keep checking back — it might be you next time!

Gem 1.jpeg
Recycled Paper
Gem 2.jpeg
Recycled Paper
Gem 3.jpeg
Gem 4.jpeg
Recycled Paper
Gem 5.jpeg
Recycled Paper
Gem 6.jpeg
Recycled Paper
Gem 7.jpeg
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