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First Impressions are Lasting Ones

Our Wall and Entrance Project


Just as a person can create a positive first impression, so can a home and a community.  The entryway to your home and the entrances to our community can create lasting impressions.  As Emerald Gardens has reached 30 years of age, we have established a Wall and Entrance Project Committee to update our "first impression."  The goal is to modernize the look of both the Jade and Bliss Road entrances as well as the Wilkinson Wall.  Both color and design changes will be explored along with cost-sharing through a county grant.

We are very fortunate to have talented homeowners willing to volunteer their time and expertise to this project.  Our Architectural Committee members, Roger Courtois and Daniel Gerber, have vast experience in building projects, permitting and vendor procurement.  The exteriors of their homes are model examples of their excellent skills.  In addition, Jane Rufo has volunteered to use her commercial interior design background to work with Roger and Daniel on the creative aspects.  Jane's expertise is evident in her home, also, which received a GEM Award for its outstanding appearance.  Once we reach the grant writing stage, we are so fortunate to have Deb Pietsch guiding us through the process.  Deb was our volunteer chairperson of the recent pond project who successfully wrote, defended and was awarded a county grant to offset the costs.

As with any major project, there will be an extensive planning process so you won't see work beginning right away.  However, we will keep you informed of the committee's progress through periodic updates on HOA News.

In the meantime, you might want to think about ways to add a bit of creativity to your own home's entryway to make your first impression a lasting one.  To inspire you, take a look at some of the ways a few homeowners in our community have made their first impression beautiful ones.  Some are more elaborate than others, but even a few, creative things can give your home a lasting impression.

First Impressions 1.1.jpeg
First Impressions 1.2.jpeg
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Working fountains and ponds create unique entrances to these homes.   By locating these water creations near a front window, they can be seen and enjoyed from the inside of the home as well as the outside.  Lanterns and spotlights add beauty at night. 

First Impressions 1.3.jpeg
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Seasonal decor done right can add color and style to a home’s entrance.  These homeowners use their artistic flair to create beautiful fall displays along with a country-chic appearance.  

First Impressions 2.1.jpeg
First Impressions 2.2 smaller last.jpg
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First Impressions 3.1.jpeg
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Even in a small space, an English country garden can be created.  The effect is charming and inviting for passers-by and for the homeowners who enjoy relaxing in their garden seats.

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Sometimes less is more and it’s amazing what creatively placed urns and fountains as well as unique doors, stonework, edging and interesting decor can do to jazz up an entryway.   And, of course, a clean sidewalk is always a winner. 

First Impressions 4.3.jpeg
First Impressions 4.1.jpeg
First Impressions 4.2.jpeg
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