Care & Appearance Committee

Calm Sea

We are excited to announce two of our homeowners have volunteered to take over the Care & Appearance duties that Board members have been doing for the past several months.  Nancy and Liz will conduct monthly walks around Emerald Gardens to ensure all homeowners are maintaining properties to minimum standards based on our deed restrictions. 


The Board has created several friendly notices as first attempts to request a homeowner bring their property up to minimum standards prior to issuing formal violation letters.  We have had 80% success rate with these friendly reminders!


What are some of things the committee wants to see?

              *  lawns mowed, edged and clippings picked up

              *  bushes trimmed and dead branches removed

              *  minimal weeds in beds and in driveway cracks

              *  no vines growing up walls

              *  trash cans out of sight

              *  no permanent signs

              *  nothing stored in the front foyer or sides of home

              *  general neat and clean appearance


In addition, the committee will notify the Board of homeowners who voluntarily improve their property, such as adding attractive landscape, painting the house, re-sodding the lawn, etc.  Thank You notes will let the homeowners know their work is appreciated.


Thank You Nancy and Liz!