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Finalizing the Wall - Entrance Project


We are nearing the completion of our massive Wall Entrance Project that began 14 months ago with preliminary brainstorming meetings followed by many appointments with vendors, receipt of cost estimates and subsequent paring down plans to fit our budget, sending out design choices for homeowner voting, comparing and selecting paint colors and font type and finally, starting the actual work.  A lot of hours and effort have gone into this project but the reward is in sight.


At our annual HOA meeting in January, the new stone sample for the columns at the Jade  entrance was shared with those in attendance.  The colors of this second sample are perfect — a blend of warm, creamy browns that match the design that won the most votes.  In addition, the font choice for our name was shared.  The lettering will be made of an acrylic material in the same deep brown color as the top cap along our walls.   Here is the font choice:





All work on the walls has been completed.  Peter, the owner of Fastsigns, came out several weekends to work on the trim pieces.  He is very particular about getting everything right so we appreciate his extra efforts.


At this point, we are waiting for the lettering of our name to come back from the manufacturer as well as waiting for the stone columns to arrive.  If the lettering arrives before the columns, Peter intends to install our name onto the small monuments at the Bliss entrance so they will be completed.  When the stone columns arrive, the crew will install both the lettering and the columns at the same time onto the monuments at the Jade entrance.


While we wait, we will be installing new floodlights at the Jade entrance.  The new lights will be LED and spread a beam of 150 degrees across each  monument.  Our name will be installed with pins attached to the letters so they will sit away from the wall.  With the new lighting, we should get a backlight effect.


When all is installed and the wall and entrances are completed, we will meet with our landscape company, Loyalty Lawn, to discuss plantings around the Jade monuments.  If our budget allows, we will discuss updating parts of the island down the middle of Jade as well.


We’re almost there!

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