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                                                                        WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST BOARD MEMBER


Our HOA welcomes the newest member of our Board of Directors, Billy Ames-McCormick, who is replacing Chris Brackett.  Chris decided to move to the east coast and resigned from the board earlier this month.  We wish Chris the best and appreciate his short term on the board.


Billy and his wife, Katherine, are relatively new homeowners to Emerald Gardens but not new to Sarasota.  Billy comes to our board with experience having served on the board of their former community’s HOA.


Please keep in mind that our Board of Directors are volunteers.  If you have a question or concern, your first point of contact should be our manager, Caitlin, at Pinnacle. The link to her email address is on the bottom of each page of our website.


In addition to volunteering to serve on our board, Billy and his wife volunteered to take over our Flag Committee this past January.  This committee requires quite a bit of work so we are grateful Billy and Katherine are willing to put in these extra hours to help Emerald Gardens shine.


Having homeowners willing to volunteer their time to serve on the board and on committees is what keeps Emerald Gardens a quality community.  We thank ALL of the following homeowners:


                            Board Members                   Architectural            Welcoming                     Fining                           Flag

                            John Kelner                            Roger Courtois          Laurie Lachowitzer          Bob Plummer              Katherine Ames-McCormick

                            Perry Steele                           Daniel Gerber                                                        Daniel Gerber              Billy Ames-McCormick

                            Marc Pavoncello                                                                                                    Steve Chausky

                            Chuck Berster

                            Billy Ames-McCormick


                                                                                          THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS!

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