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Phases 2 and 3 of Wall Entrance Project


We are coming to the end of the prep phase of our project.  With the demo part of the project completed, Gorilla Kleen will be pressure washing everything at both entrances and along our Wilkinson walls on November 27th.   In addition, FastSigns will be painting a primer coat onto the newly sand stuccoed surface of both entrances’ monument walls.

Phase 2 is about to begin.  The committee has selected the top cap and wall paint colors that blend with the brown hues in the design that was selected by the majority of homeowners who participated in the voting.  The top cap will be a rich, dark brown and the walls will be a light, creamy tone to give things a modern, clean look.  FastSigns will begin painting shortly after the pressure washing and, at some point, install and paint the architectural feature that goes where the green tile was removed.  Of course, the new wooden fence sections of the east wall along Wilkinson will be painted as well.


Phase 3 will involve installing the faux stone columns at the Jade entrance and installing our name on the monuments at both entrances. As for the stone columns, we received a sample to review right before Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer produced a very gray-brown color that is not what we had in mind.  Stacy, the designer at FastSigns, agreed the color is not right.  In early December when she returns from vacation, we will be working with Stacy to select some brown tones that can better guide the manufacturer.  In addition, we will finalize with Stacy a dark brown color for the signage for our name.


With the upcoming holidays, we probably won’t receive a new stone sample until sometime in mid January.  Once we approve a sample, it will be weeks before the actual columns are produced and ready for installation.  Obviously, this delays completing our project, but considering the columns will be there for years to come, it’s worth the wait to get it right.  In the meantime, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and entrances will be a huge improvement over the previous condition.


Thank you for your patience — we’re doing all we can to keep the project moving forward.

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