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Our Wall Entrance Project Has Begun !


Beginning in December, the Board formed a committee comprised of Board members John and Jo-Anne, our Architectural Committee members Daniel and Roger, and Jane, our volunteer Lead Designer.  At the January Annual Homeowners’ Meeting, information about the project was shared and favorably supported by everyone at the meeting.


The goal of the project is to modernize the current “90’s” look of our two entrances to appeal to those who have lived in Emerald Gardens a long time as well as to appeal to our younger homeowners and future homeowners.  At the same time, any new look needs to blend with the overall look of our community.


The best news is the project will NOT cost homeowners a special assessment.  We have sufficient funds in a reserve account to use a portion to cover the costs.  And, we may be applying for a county Neighborhood Initiative Grant to help, also.


The project will focus on (1) the walls along Wilkinson Road running east and west of the Jade entrance, (2) the walls on either side of Jade Avenue with “Emerald Gardens” signage and (3) the smaller monument walls at the Bliss Road entrance.  We have no design ideas to share at this time but we have been busy getting organized to start meeting with vendors.


Here’s what we’ve done so far ….


John and Jo-Anne attended the kick-off meeting of the Neighborhood Initiative Grant program in early December, submitted an Intent to Apply and met with the program coordinators mid-January to explain our project and show them our current entrances.


In addition, the committee met in January to brainstorm ideas and formulate a list of existing conditions that need to be taken into consideration, such as the many repairs needed on Wilkinson’s walls, the condition of the tile borders, landscape & lighting, privacy for homeowners living behind the walls, and zoning regulations regarding allowable size of entrance walls and signage.  But the most important consideration is to work with what we have — we are not building new structures.


Also, the committee researched and selected several companies who design and work on community walls and signage.  Caitlin, our manager, is in the process of making contact and setting up appointments for on-site meetings.


Our hope is to end with 2 design ideas that are feasible to do with our existing structures and are affordable.  If we are successful, we will share the designs with you, our homeowners, to vote on your choice.


You will be kept up-to-date with our progress and our challenges as this is a work in progress.  If our lofty goals are not affordable, we will scale back while keeping you in the loop.  Articles will be posted in the message board and on our website under HOA News.

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