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The Work Has Begun ….


We’re sure you’ve noticed the work on our walls and monuments has begun with the removal of the green tile and the “picture frame” with our name on the Jade monument walls.


As with any major project, there are many steps that need to be scheduled in a logical sequence.  Our project is a bit challenging because we are working with 3 different companies who all have their own schedules as far as when they can get to us.  Therefore, you may see some “starts and stops” to the work being done.


FastSigns is currently working on the prep part of the project — removing the tile and sanding where it was removed, sanding the monument walls along Jade and Bliss, removing the Bliss monument planters, repairing cracks in the walls, and installing the architectural feature in place of the green tile.  Also, they have applied for the necessary permits from the county.


Our landscape company, Loyalty Lawn, has been scheduled to remove the necessary bushes directly in front of the Jade monument walls, to relocate the irrigation lines currently up against these walls, to remove the plants at the Bliss entrance and to trim along Wilkinson’s walls.  This work is scheduled to be completed around November 15th.


We have Gorilla Kleen scheduled for November 27 to pressure wash everything so it will be clean for painting.  The sidewalks along Jade will be cleaned, also.


At some point in these next few weeks, we should receive a sample of the stone that will be used for our new columns.  We will use the sample to select the paint colors for our walls and monuments.


When all of the prep work is complete, FastSigns will start the work we’ve been waiting for — painting our walls and monuments, installing the new columns and installing our new name onto our Jade and Bliss monuments.


Once everything has been completed, we will upgrade our spotlights to LEDs to light our name along the Jade monument walls.  And when the weather permits, we will have new landscape planted as well.


In the meantime, thank you for being patient.

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