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How to obtain design approval for a construction project

The Board of Directors has established an Architectural Review Committee as called for by the Deed Restrictions.  The purpose of the approval process is to maintain the beauty and quality of our community and to ensure compliance with our Deed Restrictions.


New construction, fences, walls, pools, sheds and other additions require approval by the Architectural Review Committee.  If approved, the Committee will submit the request to the Board of Directors for final approval at the next Board meeting.  You will be informed of the outcome of the approval process by our manager, Caitlin King.


Please read ALL of the following prior to submitting a request.


  1. A written request, blueprint and site plan describing the scope of the proposed work must be submitted to Emerald Gardens Homeowners Association’s either by regular mail or by email to our manager.  Please do not contact Board members or the Architectural Committee members.


Emerald Gardens Homeowners Association

℅ Pinnacle Community Association Management

PO Box 21058

Sarasota, FL  34276-4058


Email to:


2.  The process for review by the Architectural Committee and subsequent approval by the Board can take up to 30 days.  Please allow ample time when planning your project.


3.  A final inspection and copies of permits, when applicable, is required upon completion.


Please review the following excerpts from our Deed Restrictions to ensure your proposed project is in compliance.


Garages and Storage Areas

No garage shall be erected which is separate from its single-family residence building.

Sheds up to 6’ in height and used for the purpose of storage are permitted. Except for the shed’s gable, sheds shall not be visible from any neighboring property and/or common area.

NOTE:  Sheds will not be approved for the rear of properties on the lake due to visibility.



Any proposed selection of metal roof materials, by any property owner, must be reviewed in advance of permitting or construction by the Architectural Committee.  Under no circumstances will the colors silver, aluminum stainless steel or any other color simulating raw, unfinished metal be permitted.


Fences, Walls and Hedges

No fences, walls or hedges shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot than the greater of the minimum county building code setback or further forward than a minimum of eight (8) feet behind the nearest front elevation between two adjacent homes.  A hedge, wall or fence shall be maintained at no greater height than six feet within the rear or side setback lines of any lot, and no wall, fence or hedge shall be erected within the front setback lines of any lot, unless the wall, hedge or fence shall be ornamental and a desirable feature and shall not exceed three feet in height. For purposes of uniformity of appearance, fences shall be constructed of natural, unpainted wood or white or beige plastic.


Owners of lots abutting the lake shall not construct any fence, wall or planting hedge along the rear property line or parallel to the littoral zone of the lake.


Swimming Pools

An above-ground swimming pool is prohibited.

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