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The leadership team for Emerald Gardens Homeowners' Association consists of a minimum three-member Board of Directors, licensed Community Association Manager and committees appointed by the Board.

            Current committees include Architectural, Fining, Welcoming, Flag and Care and Appearance.


Board of Directors

JKeiner edited.jpg

John Kelner


PSteele edited.jpg

Perry Steele
Vice President


Marc Pavoncello

CBerster edited.jpg

Chuck Berster

Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 3.03.30 PM.png
   Chris Brackett

The Emerald Gardens Homeowners' Association's Board of Directors is comprised of Emerald Gardens homeowners. These individuals are elected by a majority vote at our annual meetings.  The board is responsible for maintaining our subdivision and is governed by a written set of Articles, By-Laws and Deed Restrictions. (Copies of these documents can be found in the Members Only section of this website, accessible by private individual login credentials.)


The board meets once a month - usually the third Wednesday - to discuss various topics, review finances and make decisions as a group, voting as necessary for community record keeping.

The annual meeting of members is held in January of each year and board positions need to be filled at each annual meeting.  

The semi-annual meeting of members is held in July of each year and committee positions need to be filled at this time.  If you have an interest in running for the board or wish to be on a committee, please contact our manager, Caitlin.

We welcome ideas and suggestions from homeowners.  All of our Emerald Gardens owners are valued members of our community! 


The Emerald Gardens Homeowners' Association is managed by Pinnacle Community Association Management.  Our Community Association Manager is Caitlin King.

The primary responsibilities of the Community Association Manaager is to act as the liaison between the Board of Directors and homeowners by carrying out directives from the board.  These duties include preparing and mailing correspondence, manage and maintain the finances of the association, disseminate meeting notice and agendas, respond to inquiries and all other items as requested by the Board of Directors.



The Benefits of HOA Committees

Although each committee serves a specific function, the purpose of  HOA committees is to fulfill certain requirements designated in state statutes as well as to assume the responsibilities of certain tasks.  A dedicated committee can also help speed up the completion of work or a request.

In addition, HOA committees encourage participation from the members of the association.  Committees present the perfect opportunity for homeowners to participate in our community. They allow members to contribute to the association, thereby making them feel helpful and needed. This directly affects homeowner satisfaction in the community.



Roger Courtois

Daniel Gerber

An architectural committee, also known as an architectural review or architectural control committee, is responsible for enforcing the community’s architectural standards. This committee reviews proposals for modifications, approving or denying them according to the HOA architectural committee guidelines outlined in the CC&Rs.

An architectural committee is one of the most important committees in an HOA. Without one, the community risks losing its uniform aesthetic and diminishing curb appeal. This, in turn, can lead to lower property values.

How to obtain design approval for a construction project (click here).



Laurie Lachowitzer

A welcome committee can make new residents feel more at home and make the transition process much easier. Members of this committee will drop by and greet new homeowners.


The welcome committee also helps familiarize the new homeowners with the community’s rules and processes. Some associations delegate the welcoming duties to the HOA social committee, while others form a separate committee specifically for the task.

HOA Fining.png


us flag committee.jpg


Bob Plummer

Daniel Gerber

Steve Chausky

Katherine & William Ames-McCormick

If a deed restriction violation is documented by the Board, the homeowner is notified and asked to make the correction.  


If no action is taken by the homeowner after several notifications, a Fine Committee meeting is scheduled and the homeowner is invited to attend.  


Based on the discussion at the meeting, the committee may approve initiating the fine process.  

Emerald Gardens takes pride in displaying American flags throughout our community on specific federal holidays.  The committee distributes flags and patriotic decor at our entrance, at residences and around our deck area.


Care & Appearance

Caitlin King, Manager

Monthly walks are conducted to ensure all homeowners are maintaining their property at a minimum standard based on our deed restrictions.  


Friendly reminder notices are used as the first attempts to inform homeowners of corrections needing to be made.  


If no action is taken by a homeowner, the Board may determine an official violation letter is needed.  


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