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Many Thanks to our dog owners who walk their dogs on a leash!


Our Deed Restrictions require dogs to be on a leash when walking around Emerald Gardens.  In addition, a Sarasota County Ordinance requires dogs and cats to be walked on a leash (see below).


Most of our dog owners are responsible folks who always walk their dogs on a leash.  Leashing a dog ensures the owner has control over their dog’s behavior and whereabouts.  It is reassuring to others who are out walking to know everyone’s dog is under close supervision by being on a leash.


ALL dog owners are reminded to use a leash to walk their dogs when in Emerald Gardens. It is required.


If you are concerned about an unleashed dog or cat, contact Animal Services at (941) 861-9500.



Emerald Gardens Deed Restrictions

9.  Livestock, Poultry, Animals and Pets

No person owning or having custody of any animal shall allow it to stray or go upon another lot without the consent of the owner of such lot.  Dogs should be walked with a leash in accordance with Sarasota County Ordinance.  Owner will be responsibe for proper animal waste disposal.


Sarasota County’s Animal Ordinance

Sec. 14-41 - Dogs and cats running At Large

No person shall cause, permit, or allow a Dog or cat to stray or in any manner to run At Large, unless the Dog or cat is leashed, in any of the following circumstances:

       (1) Upon any public street, sidewalk or other public property unless specifically allowed through other ordinance, resolution or Board action;

     (2) The property of another;

     (3)  Common areas of condominium, mobile home park or other aggregate living where property is held by an owners association or similar entity.

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