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Many folks have given their time over these many months to help me as I coordinated the Wall Entrance Project.  I’d like to recognize them and say “Thank You” on behalf of all of us!


Thank you to ……

My Board member colleagues for reviewing and supporting every step in this process.

                                                              John K.         Perry S.          Marc P.       Chuck B.


Caitlin, our Manager, and her assistant, Susan, for making countless phone calls to vendors, for attending every appointment here at our entrance and for advising us regarding funding for the project.


Our talented Wall Entrance Committee members for attending meetings and vendor appointments, for brainstorming design ideas and for reading and responding to a great many emails over many months.

                                             John K.         Jane R.         Daniel G.          Roger C.          Patricia C.


Our former Board member, Bonnie T., who helped narrow down paint color choices based on her artistic eye and experience working for a paint company as well as for volunteering to procure paint samples for us at no cost.


Our neighbors Tiffany L. and Steve L. for allowing us free access to their properties during the all-day installation of the fencing along Wilkinson Road.


We have an amazing community with so many wonderful people willing to work together to accomplish a major project for ALL of us!

                                                                                             Thank You from,

                                                                                                   Jo-Anne S.

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