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Thank You Robertson Fence Company!


If you walked or drove east on Wilkinson Road on Monday, you probably noticed the new fence sections being installed.  The 2 fence sections in the middle of our east wall running along Wilkinson Road were in sad shape due to general age and then a final punch from Hurricane Ian.  Robertson Fence gave us an excellent quote for the work and were very professional throughout the process beginning with our initial appointment through Monday’s installation.


As you might guess, the installers ran into a few root issues since these fence sections are built around very large oak trees in the backyards of the homeowners.  Nevertheless, they dealt with the roots and did a great job.  We’re especially pleased with the “top cap” which hides the top of the pickets and blends with the walls on either side.  Believe it or not, the height of our Wilkinson wall changes as it slopes toward Jade Avenue so the installers had to cut the bottoms of the pickets in such a way to maintain a level top to the fence.  Lots of extra work, but done right!


Please bear with us as we continue on our journey to update our entrances which will include painting the walls along Wilkinson.  At that time, these new fence sections will be painted.  In the meantime, even unpainted, they look better than the old fences we replaced.


Last, a big Thank You to Steve and Tiffany who allowed us free access to their backyards in order for the installers to do their job.   

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